Shoe washing? Easy breezy !

ROSY LILY Premium Shoe Shampoo

Easy breezy, make shoe-washing your habit.

ROSY LILY is a brand that plans and develops shoe care products for women based on the concept of " Change your feet and change your state of mind". ROSY LILY has two representative products.


Premium shoe shampoo

Just wash with foam shoe shampoo and wipe off. Easy to wash shoes without rinsing. Suitable for shoes made of synthetic leather, genuine leather and suede.

Each fragrance of our shoe shampoos will only be available exclusively in every three months. Check our social media for more details.

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Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the multitude of fragrance options available? If you're particular about scents and don't want to make a mistake in choosing one, an essential kit that allows you to try multiple fragrances at once is recommended.

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laundry net for shoes

A laundry net that allows you to easily wash your shoes in the washing machine. The microfiber lining picks up fine dirt.

Suitable for canvas fabric such as indoor shoes and Converse, and sports shoes made of mesh material.

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We hope you can use them according to your convenience, such as the shoes you want to wash and the level of dirt. We also have many other easy-to-use products and gift sets. If you are interested, please check it out as well.

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You’ll be amazed

Here are reviews from our users, filled with joy and surprise.
“Try ROSY LILY …” It is not merely trying out a new detergent. ROSY LILY is, in fact, delighting the annoying housework routine with a little joy so the wish to wash your shoes and the process to wait for them turn dirty can all become an “entertainment”! ROSY LILY creates smiling faces through an unprecedented housework experience. Let’s make yourself, your friends, and your family smile.

"Review Summary"

Since its launch in 2020, ROSY LILY has sold a total of 160,000 bottles and has already received 2,377 reviews (counted on March 8, 2023).

There are so many reviews that it would be difficult to check them one by one, so I categorized them by topic. Please check the topics you are interested in and use them to solve your concerns and questions.

Summary of the review

why ROSY LILY is so beloved

4 Reasons

ROSY LILY's shoe shampoo is foam from the start. You can easily wash your favorite shoes with foam. After washing, just wipe them off with a towel. There is no need to jabber and rinse with water, so you can easily wash your shoes with minimal damage to them.



Premium ingredients

ROSY LILY shoe shampoo is made from 99% natural ingredients that are also used in cosmetics. It's irritative chemicals and abrasives free, but still,it comes with a strong cleansing power. ‏‏‎ ‎‏‎ ‏‏‎



Charming Fragrance

We aim to brighten up the daily lives of all ladies, both during and after washing. Based on this concept to heart-heal and hook all users, we have created a gentle, sweet, gorgeous, and elegant fragrances based on the essence of lily flowers used in bouquets. ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎



Product Design

We want to present users with easy-to-use products at all times. With the concept of "being lovely and pleasant merely as an item", we aim to present warmth and gentleness through all our product outlines and packages. ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎



Easy Breezy

Our ROSY LILY Premium Wash Brush is made of soft but strong pig hair. The unique structure contribute to clean even the toughest stains.

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ROSY LILY is an easy shoe washing solution while its expected effect might be halved depending on how we use it. With the exact same product, we can only fully demonstrate its effect through “the correct washing way that matches with the shoes”. Thus, ROSY LILY provides user-friendly videos and photos showing how to wash well for different types of shoes.


Gift Sets

What about sharing our Rosy Lily products with others as a gift for your loved ones and friends?
The online store offers gift sets to convey your special wishes.

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