ROSY LILY’s original laundry bag Detergent set(Scheduled to ship in early January)

$56.23 $65.60

This product is currently sold out.

Set content

・ROSY LILY’s original laundry bag (1 set of 2 sheets) × 2

・Shoe laundry detergent THE WHITE (unscented) 600ML × 1

The set purchase offers great value.

In this set, we offer a significant discount equivalent to the price of the shoe laundry detergent (1,100 yen), making it a very cost-effective option.

Many customers wash multiple pairs of shoes together, and the ZucClean Net is often purchased in multiples. With this set, we wanted to encourage those who purchase multiple items to try our shoe laundry detergent at least once, so we have prepared a discounted set for you.