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High pressure microspray

High pressure microspray


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A high-quality accumulator trigger spray that can be used for deodorization, sterilization, hair care, pet care, plant care, etc. By repeatedly pulling the trigger, the contents can be sprayed continuously without interruption, and the fine mist spray with fine particles and high uniformity is ideal for a wide range of use.

When cleaning shoes made of a material that easily absorbs moisture, moisten the surface with a micro mist spray before cleaning, which will improve the foaming of the shampoo and make it very easy to wash.

PET (main body) / PE (trigger)


Please use it for purposes other than cleaning shoes.

- For the care of foliage plants
- For ironing spray
- For cleaning such as cleaning glass
- For spraying when styling
- For spraying deodorants and fragrances
- For spraying coating materials for car accessories.


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